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The Best of The Beau Brummels

Released 1987. Contains all of the brummels hit songs.

Volume 2

Released 1965. The Beau Brummels second album.

Greatest Hits

Released 2001. Contains mainly the same songs as the best of collection, however some that do not appear on the best of..

San Fran Sessions

Three cd-set, released by sundazed. Contains many demo's and outakes of the Brummels songs.

Introducing The Beau Brummels

Released 1965: The Brummels very first Record!

Beau Brummels Live!

Released 2000: Live concert from 1975.

Autumn of their years.

Collection of the Brummels songs.


Released 1967: Only three band members were still present in the band when this was released.

Beau Brummels '66

Released 1996: By warner brothers. None of the brummels own material was featured on this album. Only covers of other hit band songs, like The Beatles, Hermans Hermits..

North Beach Legends

Released 2001. By sundazed records. Only available on LP.

Gentle Wandering Ways

Released 2001: By Sundazed records. Available on LP only.

Bradley's Barn

Released 1968.

Beau Brummels 75'

Final Release by the Brummels.